Helambu - Panch Pokhari - Bhairab Kund Trekking - 14 Days

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Trip Duration: 14 Days
Routes: Helambu - Panch Pokhari - Bhairab Kund Trekking

This trek offers pristine mountain views with unsurpassed natural beauty and biological diversity.This trial nearby Kathmandu is enriched with combination of rich culture, tradition and art. The way of life of various ethnic people is another feature to experience in this region. The grand vista of Rolwaling Range, Langtang Range, varieties of flowers, the medicinal herbs, wonderful scene of landscapes, water falls, terrace field and warm hospitality from villagers are the pleasure of this trial.

The short as well long trek can be organized in this untouched traditional villages where very fresh organic local level food serves by the people. Tea house, camping & homestay is available here where mostly you will get great opportunity to have lively experience on unique festivals, dialect, tradition and life style of Tamang people – one of the ethinical group rich for their cultures and costumes. Furthermore, Yholmo, Sherpa, Gurung, Newar and other people also welcome you by showing their own hospitality.

Moreover, lots of historical places, Caves, Lakes are other important features for noble experience. The 9th highest altitude wetland in the world, Panch Pokhari, is source of peace, brotherhood and solace where thousands of pilgrims come on every Janai Purnima ( The festival of thread falls in full moon day in August) from all over the country. Bhairab Kund is another attraction for visitors which as well as to pilgrims.

Itinerary in Details

Chatara – Panchpokhari – Helambu trek
Day  01  Drive from Kathmandu to Chautara ( 1418m)
Day  02  Chatara to Phusre (2050m)
Day  03  Phusre to Chyojyo Danda ( 3100m)
Day  04  Chyojyo Danda to Hile Phetti (2900m)
Day  05  Hile Phetti to Nosam Pati (3000m)
Day  06  Nosam Pati to Panch Pokhari (3900m)
Day  07  Panch Pokhari to Haveli ( 2100m)
Day  08  Haveli to Yangri (1250m)
Day  09  Yangri to Sermathang ( 3000m)
Day  10  Sermathang to Melamchi Gaon (2530m)
Day  11  Melamchi Gaon to Kyulo Bhanjyang ( 3280m)
Day  12  Kyulo Bhanjyang to Golphu Bhanjyang ( 2130m)
Day  13  Golphu Bhanjyang to Chisopani ( 2165m )
Day  14  Chisopani-Sundarijal to Kathmandu (1300m)

Bhairab Kund trek
Day  01  Drive from Kathmandu to Chautara and hiketo  Jalbire ( 1000m)
Day  02  Jalbire to Chanaute (1350m)
Day  03  Chanaute to Khani Gaon (2000m)
Day  04  Khani Gaon rest for local exploration tour
Day  05  Khani Gaon to Forest Camp ( 3150)
Day  06  Forest Camp to Pati (3765m)
Day  07  Pati to Bhairab Kund ( 4250m)
Day  08  Bhairab Kund to Sherpa gaon (2500m)
Day  09  Sherpa Gaon to Larcha ( 1500m)
Day  10  Larcha to Kathmandu (1300m)   

Service includes:
1)    Transportation to trek point and return
2)    English spoken guide for the trek
3)    Necessary porters
4)    Accomodation during the trek either in tea house/homestay or campsite
5)    Meals – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner during the trek
6)    Conservation permits
7)    Staff  expenses, allowances and insurance
8)    Sleeping bag/Jackets  if needed

Service excludes:
1)    PERSONAL Expenses
2)    Bar and Beverages  (hard & soft drink)
3)    Gratuity to staff--------
4)    Insurance in case of emergency ( Helicopter evacuation---)


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