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Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara 200km west by tourist coach and stay overnight at Pokhara hotel, evening enjoy with boating at phewa lake and then next morning drive with our staff to Sarankot, a beautiful hill station where

Itinerary in Details

You open the boot and don flying suit and boots, then lift out your incredibly light flying machine in its carrying rucksack and trek off a few yards to where your friends are preparing to fly. After a few minutes spent inspecting your equipment such as helmet and harness, look around, allow the wind to raise the canopy - and launch off into space. This is paragliding! It is the simplest form of aviation known to man and the simplest way to end up human's dream.

The simple engine free aircraft  fits easily into a rucksack and weighs around 12 kgs.The passenger can foot launch and gently foot  land again with minimum effort.Due to the portable nature nad easy launch characteristics of a paraglider, it can be taken anywhere and fly from most of the mountains in Nepal.

Paragliding offers various kinds of tours.For the beginners three day introductory course or tandem( where one can fly with an instructor) is offered. The experienced ones can fly their own.

Tandem Flights:Tandem flying involves flying with a passanger: both have separate harnesses that are attached to each other and the wing. Paragliding harnesses are very comfortable and safe which feel like an armchair allowing the passangers to sit back, relax, enjoy the scenery and even take picture.

Flight Type



Flight Time

Acrobatic Flying

10-15 Minutes

Euro 70 P/P

10:00 AM

Cloud- Buster

30 Minutes

Euro 70 P/P

12:00 PM

Cross- Country


60 Minutes


Euro 100 P/P


02:00 PM


Please remember that as this flight is a weather dependent sport, If the weather is not favourable glider reserves the right to cancel flight at any time. If you will have not on the same day due to bad weather, we will have a refund. All the above price are fixed and includes transport from the starting point and ending point. Booking should be made a few days in advance and must be  pre-inform.


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