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Kathmandu valley
This city comprises with three traditional districts.Each of them is in its own features like work of fine arts,filled with ancient monuments,museum etc.These cities provide the exotic culture with ancient architecture & typical ethnical festivals.Some interesting sites such as Durbar square of three sister cities,Boudhanath stupa(one of the biggest stupa in south asia,build in 5th century with full of artmanship),Swyambhunath Stupa(One of the oldest stupa,is said to have been 2000 years old,offers an exceptional arts & design with Buddhist culture and a magnificient view of Himalayan including the capital city Kathmandu), Pashupatinath Temple(one of the biggest & very famous hindu temple lies 5 km east from kathmandu,many devotees from nation as well as from India visit the temple once in a year at the time of festival of Shivaratri which falls on mid of April and another important  feature is to explore the creamation of hindu life which falls frequently at the side of holy river Bagmati),Patan city(also known as city of glory-The city is full of hindu temples & Buddhist monuments with bronze gateways,guardian deities & wonderful carvings.Noted for its craftsman & metal workers,it is also known as city of arts),Bhaktapur(Four main squares such as pottery, nyatapole,durbar and duttatreya are the main attractions of this city.Ancient arts,museum,traditional monuments lure the visitors)
Places and Sights in Kathmandu

Inside Kathmandu valley

The name suggest that this place has lots of old palaces,temples & museum.Not only the stone houses temples,one can have a look over living goddess Kumari,who is worshiped as a incarnation of mighty goddess Durga.She is treated as virgin goddess of Hindu religion,and is selected from Buddhist clan.She should have 32 virtues like she should come from Shakya clan,no injuries or any body marks,full of teeth,long hair and,she can be there until her puberty.
Places & Sights in Inside Kathmandu valley
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